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  1. Download our leaflet for end users here

    Download our leaflet for end users here

    At Grovet, we not only offer product leaflets, but also various end-user leaflets. These flyers are designed to provide additional information about specific treatments to our customers during, for example, a consultation. You can download or request these flyers via your account manager or via View the Pro-Stride flyer below, you can also find and download these on the product page.

    Pro-Stride is a device that provides a solution to lameness and osteoarthritis in horses by concentrating cells, platelets, growth factors and anti-inflammatory cytokines from a horse's own blood.

    View the Pro-Stride customer card here.


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  2. Our all-in-one supplement Artilium Complete with improved formula

    Our all-in-one supplement Artilium Complete with improved formula

    Artilium Complete is a supplemental feed for horses to support joints and cartilage. In the improved formula, the maltodextrin has been replaced with additional collagen.

    This ensures that less Artilium Complete is needed to provide the same amount of active ingredients. The combination of all ingredients (view ingredients here) contributes to supple joints and healthy cartilage. 

    Artilium Complete is ideal for horses that are intensively trained, competition horses and older horses.

    • High quality ingredients
    • Contains all components necessary for supple joints and healthy cartilage
    • Available in 1kg  & 5 kg


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  3. The VMRD foal IgG test

    The VMRD foal IgG test

    An easy method to determine the IgG in the blood of newborn foals. The test strips are interpreted using the VMRD reader and provide a reliable, objective value. This data can be used to determine whether therapy should be initiated to provide the foal with sufficient antibodies. 

    IgG in colostrum

    The plasma cells in the mammary glands produce immunoglobulins that are absorbed by the foal from the colostrum. The amount of immunoglobulins ingested by the foal depends on the level of immunoglobulins in the colostrum, the amount of colostrum produced by the mare, the amount of colostrum the foal drinks in the first 24 hours and the foal's absorption of IgG from the colostrum. If any of these factors are insufficient, the foal will not receive enough immunoglobulins and this can have major consequences for the health of the foal. In up to 25% of foals,

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  4. Paniolo - orthopedic support for horses

    Paniolo - orthopedic support for horses

    A unique brand of orthopedic products for horses, Paniolo

    Paniolo orthopedic products for horses have been carefully developed by respected veterinarians, farriers and a leading manufacturer of innovative rehabilitation products.

    Since the introduction of both hoof supports and splints, the design and materials have been improved to a higher standard. Paniolo continues to introduce new products to expand its range of products.

    Paniolo products are simple, lightweight and easy to apply to the horse. These products provide immediate relief through stability, thereby contributing to recovery.

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  5. New in the Bonpard product range - Bonpard Equimel, milk replacer for foals

    New in the Bonpard product range - Bonpard Equimel, milk replacer for foals

    What is Bonpard Equimel?

    Bonpard introduces a new product: Bonpard Equimel, a milk replacer for foals with a unique composition very similar to natural mare's milk. The milk replacer for foals is easy to prepare and has the same dry matter content as natural mare's milk when prepared according to instructions.

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  6. New MILA product catalog

    New MILA product catalog

    At grovet, we have a wide range of MILA products. If you are missing any products on our website, please contact

    See here the new product catalog of MILA.

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  7. Pre-order now: Bonpard Equimel

    Pre-order now: Bonpard Equimel

    Bonpard Equimel is a high-quality milk replacer for orphan foals, foals with no or insufficient milk availability or sick foals. Bonpard Equimel is designed to meet the nutritional needs of foals and has a unique composition that is very similar to the natural milk of mares.
    Bonpard Equimel is available in a 10 kg bucket, enough for one to two weeks of complete feeding for nursing foals. The milk replaceris easy to prepare and has the same dry matter content as natural mare’s milk when prepared according to the instructions.

    Bonpard Equimel is intended for cases in which no milk of the mare is available, such as orphan foals or when the mare is affected by mastitis. Other indications for Bonpard Equimel are cases in which an insufficient amount or quality of milk is available, for instance twin foals or when the milk production of the mare is insufficient.
    Bonpard Equimel can also be used when there is no or insufficient milk uptake by the

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  8. Satellite Seminar Jumping Amsterdam 2024

    Jumping Amsterdam 2023

    In 2024 Proveto organizes the 18th edition of the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress in combination with Jumping Amsterdam. Equine vets from all over the globe are heading to Amsterdam on January 26-27, 2024 to meet, unite and share the most recent developments and knowledge. Veterinary Sport Horse Congress is the annual highlight for international sport horse vets worldwide!

    At the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress, Grovet organizes a unique Satellite Seminar that covers important international issues and dilemmas for sport horse vets on optimal treatment of sport horses. With this year speakers including Johanna Fink-Gremmels (NL) & Leendert Jan Hofland (NL) discussing withdrawal times in competition horses. View Friday's program here.

    Curious about the rest of the program, speakers or want to register? Please

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  9. #Proudhorsevet, also in Egypt

    #proudhorsevet, also in Egypt

    #proudhorsevet, also in Egypt

    By Morgan Lashley, DVM, Dipl. ECVSMR, veterinary consultant Brooke Hospital for Animals

    Horse Vets work in all parts of the world, with all types of Equids: from million-dollar racehorses to the working donkeys and horses in Third World countries. The veterinary work focusing on working equines might not get a lot of coverage in magazines and journals, but that says nothing about the importance of the work. 

    Free veterinary care for working animals

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  10. Grovet's complementary feeds to support the digestive system

    So many options in complementary feeds but which one do you choose? When selecting a complementary feed, what do you pay attention to and which one suits which indication?  At Grovet, we are driven to exceed horse vet expectations and are constantly developing our product line to keep optimising it. Our equine complementary feeds are of high quality and are formulated based on scientific knowledge. Grovet offers a wide range of complementary feeds to support the digestive system, but which one is suitable for which moment?

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