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''What do you want to be when you grow up?''

Is the question that it all starts with. A large proportion of all horse doctors already knew at a young age that they wanted to become a horse doctor. Because everyone wants to make an animal better and a happy owner, right? The reality is somewhat different. Long days, short nights, a high workload, critical horse owners and a moderate income are some of the challenging aspects of this profession. Despite the challenges it remains a wonderful profession.



At Grovet we are extremely proud of all horse veterinarians, a wonderful profession with many beautiful and challenging aspects. We are proud to introduce the hashtag #proudhorsevet, the stage for the equine vet to show what this wonderful profession has to offer.

The #proudhorsevet hashtag represents the interesting daily life of an equine veterinarian, where the positive but also the challenging parts of the profession can be shared. The big successes and also the little things that make this profession so special.
For Grovet, creating this community is important to offer this group of people our clients a stage.
#proudhorsevet the stage for horse doctors by horse doctors.
Share your successes, daily life, be proud of this profession and show it! Use the hashtag #proudhorsevet and share this on all your socials!

Grovet is extremely proud to work with this special group.


@proudhorsevet Instagram

In addition to our own social media channel @grovet_equine, an Instagram for all related #proudhorsevet content has also been created. Follow @proudhorsevet to become part of this community

"Be proud be a #proudhorsevet".


#proudhorsevet #stickers

Grovet has developed #proudhorsevet stickers that are multi-purpose. To be used on social media, car, trailer, computer, notepad and mobile.



You can use the hashtag anywhere, when sharing a story or when sharing the #proudhorsevet stickers. If you share the #proudhorsevet hashtag under your posts, we and other proudhorsevet's can find and share everything.

Do you like to see your story back? Then tag @proudhorsevet, so we can share it directly on the Proudhorsevet platform.



You can find the hashtag #proudhorsevet on social media by searching for this hashtag. This way you can see which #proudhorsevet's are using it. Read each other's stories, support each other and most of all be very proud of the beautiful profession!



The post from on Instagram.

One of their own mares had colic. They were worried and had to wait and see how the mare would react to the therapy. These human situations are a great example of the challenging work as an equine veterinarian.
Equine veterinarian Morgan Lashley and Equine Clinic Kalitera use the #proudhorsevet on a regular basis.

We look forward to seeing, reading and following all your stories!


Be Proud be a #proudhorsevet