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Serum Amyloid A Test

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VMRD - Serum Amyloid A Test

Early identification of infection or systemic inflammation is challenging, and initial clinical signs are often subtle. Serum amyloid A (SAA) is a valuable tool as it is rapidly responsive to clinical changes. Virtually undetectable in normal horses, it increases within 6-12 hours in acute inflammation and peaks at 1000-fold baseline values – far quicker and more dramatic than fibrinogen or WBC count. As inflammation improves, it begins dropping within 12-24 hours.This dynamic nature of SAA makes it an ideal marker for evaluating disease severity and monitoring progression or resolution of illness, including response to treatment.

10-minute test

• Can be used with fresh blood, EDTA blood, or heparin blood
• Samples are collected directly from syringe or from blood tube (test within 12 hours of collection)
• Objective interpretation & quantification of results with VMRD Reader
• Results range from<20 μg/mL (normal)up to >3000 μg/mL
• Calibration card keeps results consistent and accurate between readers and over time

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