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Zzen Flash 60 ml

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A syringe to give the horse to calm him down before any stressful event. The main ingredients are magnesium, tryptophan and angelica archangelica.
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Some horses are more sensitive then others to stress caused by training, competitions, transport and changes in their environment.
These situations create a one-off increase in the nutritional requirements of the horse which should be offset by additional intake of specific nutrients.

Fast-acting nutritional supplement to prepare horses for unusual circumstances (transport, a competition etc.)

Zzen flash is formulated with technically pure tryptophan and magnesium, which anxious horses have increased requirement for. This apricot/peach flavoured formula also includes Angelica archangelica.

Daily allowance
Empty contents of the of the syringe into the horse's mouth. One syringe 1 hour before the target time. If necessary, administer another syringe the night before.

vitamin B1, vitamin B6, magnesium and tryptophan
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