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Zylkene Equine 20x4 g

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Supplementary animal feed

To help horses and ponies overcome difficult or stressful situations such as prolonged confinement, a new environment, new people or new horses, weaning, breaking, travelling, vet, farrier or dentist visits
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Maltodextrine, trypsine

Zylkene Equine is an apple flavoured, easy to give powder. Zylkène Equine can help horses cope with challenging situations and facilitate adaptation to change. Zylkene Equine can be used short or long term.

Dosage and administration
Zylkene Equine is an apple flavoured, easy to give powder that should be mixed with a small amount of food and given daily.
Horses up to 500kg: 1 sachet daily
Horses over 500kg: 2 sachets daily

Short term stress: For anticipated stressful situations such as travelling or teeth rasping, Zylkene Equine is used from 2 days prior to, and for the duration of the stress.
Long term stress: For chronic ongoing behavioural problems, Zylkene Equine can be used on a continuous basis. The horses behaviour should be re-evaluated after a 20 day course, ideally with concurrent training and behavioural therapy, and the daily intake modified if necessary. The period of use can be extended after the first course if require

Maltodextrine, trypsine
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