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Vitamine E 1,0 kg

Global Medics
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Supplementary animal feed

Pure, highly concentrated vitamin E supplement without the addition of selenium.
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Global Medics - Vitamin E, 1 kg

Vitamin E
Vitamin E is one of the most important anti-oxidants in the body. It is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system and performs functions in every cell of the body from the heart to the skin, muscles, liver, lungs, joints, etc. Horses cannot produce vitamin E themselves so their needs have to be met through the feed. A shortage of vitamin E can lead to impaired nerve conduction and in serious cases even to EMND (Equine motor neuron disease). Vitamin E stimulates cell renewal and promotes the healing process.

When is Vitamin E used?

  • In horses with muscle problems or muscle injuries
  • In horses with problems in the nervous system, poor conduction
  • Young horses with sagging hindquarters and poor muscling.
  • To support the nervous system and the muscles.

Global Medics has deliberately chosen to supply pure, highly concentrated vitamin E supplement without the addition of selenium. Recent studies show that horses with a vitamin E deficiency often have a deficiency in selenium. An overdose of selenium can lead to a toxic reaction, so then the following symptoms can occur: hoof cracks, nervous system conditions, problems with the coat, etc. As stated above, vitamin E plays a part in various processes throughout the whole of the body. Its main function however is its function as an anti-oxidant. With it, the body is protected against free radicals and oxidative damage. Oxidative damage leads to poor functioning of, among other things, muscle cells and nerve cells. In sports horses it can lead to muscle stiffness and delayed recovery.

Does your horse have muscle or nerve problems and you think this might be due to a vitamin E deficiency? Or do you want to check your horse’s health? Then it’s best to contact your veterinarian for a blood analysis.

Instructions for use

20 g per horse per day mixed in with the feed.
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