Veerust Super Rund 600 ml

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NL: REG NL 9307

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or control of stinging stable flies on cattle

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Pyrethrum extract 0.375% and piperonyl butoxide 1.2%


No Fly Spray is a veterinary medicinal product for fly control on dairy cattle.
It prevents itches, unrest and nuisance caused by stinging flies on dairy cattle.
No fly spray is solvent free and is safe to use.


No Fly Spray contains pyrethrum extract and piperonyl butoxide.  
Pyrethrum extract is an insecticide of natural origin. Pyrethrum extract has a broad range of effectiveness and is quickly degraded when exposed to light. It is a so-called nerve poison. The fly’s nervous system is overstimulated and then quickly paralysed. The paralysis leads to the death of the fly. Piperonyl butoxide enhances and prolongs the effect of pyrethrum extract. Thus only a slight quantity of pyrethrum extract is necessary for No Fly Spray to be effective.
No Fly Spray combines a high level of effectiveness with a very low level of toxicity for humans and mammals.
After applying No Fly Spray withdrawal periods before milking or slaughtering of the cattle are not required.


Spray the product during 10 seconds on the cattle at a distance of 60 centimetres in uniform circular movements.
Especially spray the areas where flies gather, such as shoulders, the neck, horns, flanks and the base of the tail. Do not spray in the animal’s eyes. Store in a frost-free place.

Pyrethrum extract 0.375% and piperonyl butoxide 1.2%
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