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Hemopar 1000 ml

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Appetite stimulant and helps maintain good liver function, prevent ulcers
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Each liter of Hemopar contains: Vitamin B2 70 mg, Vitamin B6 70 mg, Vitamin B12 800 mcg, Nicotinic acid 8 mg, Methionine 6,000 mg, Folic Acid 1.5 mg, Pantothenic acid 200 mg, Choline chloride 14,000 mg, Inositol 85 mg, Iron 250 mg, Cobalt 9 mg, Copper 6.7 mg, Manganese 6.7 mg, Zinc 6.7 mg, Silybum marianum 16,600 mg, Gentiana lutea 16,6000 mg, Cynara cardunculus 16,600 mg.


Twydil Hemopar is indicated for horses suffering from inappetence or bad digestion due to stress (competition or others). For horses which turn ‘’of the manger’’ or to make them eat the vitamin supplements. Hemopar aids the appetite and it helps maintain a good digestibility function.


The recommended daily dose is 60 ml (3 bottle caps). It has to be mixed with the daily ration.

Instructions for use

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS 60 ml per day (3 bottle caps) mixed with the daily feed.
TWYDIL® HEMOPAR INDICATIONS • For horses suffering from inappetence or bad digestion due to stress (competition or other). • For horses which are “off their feed” or to make them eat vitamin supplements. COMPOSITION Extract of artichoke and the chelated complexes of iron, cobalt, copper, manganese and zinc, blended and suspended on a natural malt base. Contains also vitamin B1, B2, B6, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid.
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