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Growing 3 kg

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Balanced supplement in growing horses
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Complementary feed for growing horses particularly recommended between weaning and breaking. TWYDIL® GROWING contributes to the harmonious development of the young horses and favours good intestinal flora.


Twydil Growing contains several vitamins, trace-elements, amino acids, pro and prebiotics.


The recommended daily dose:

- Foals from 3 months to weaning: 20g
- Foals from weaning to 1 year: 40g
- Yearlings until breaking: 60g
- 2 years or more not yet broken: 80g

Twydil Growing should be mixed with the traditional feed.

Instructions for use

Foals From 3 months to weaning: 20 g From weaning to 1 year: 40 g Yearlings until breaking 60g 2 years or more not yet broken: 80g
TWYDIL GROWING For growing horses, as from 3 months and in particular from weaning to breaking. Contributes to optimal development and to the diversification of the intestinal flora of growing horses. Composition Vitamins, trace-elements, amino acids, pro and prebiotics.
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