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Competition 1500 g

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To place a horse in the best possible physiological condition.
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The objective of Twydil Competition is to support an ideal daily supply for sport horses, with vitamins, trace elements and amino-acids. It covers likely deficiencies in traditional food. Twydil Competition is indicated for sport horses undergoing training and competition.


Twydil Competition contains 14 vitamins, 7 trace elements, 4 amino acids and magnesium in very high concentrations.


The recommended daily dose is:

                                               Showjumper                     Dressage                            Endurance                         Poney

- Preparation                    50g                                        50g                                        37.5g                                    37.5g
- Competition                   50g                                        50g                                        37.5g                                    37.5g
- At rest                               37.5g                                    37.5g                                    37.5g                                    20g

Saddle horses: 30 g per day mixed with the traditional feed

Instructions for use

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS 60 g (4 measuring scoops) per day mixed with the traditional feed.
TWYDIL® COMPETITION INDICATIONS For sport horses undergoing training and competition. COMPOSITION 14 vitamins, 7 trace elements , 3 amino acids and magnesium.
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