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Neutracid 10 L

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Supplementary animal feed

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Neutracid is a body acid neutraliser and alkali replacer for horses.

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TRM - Neutracid, 10 L

Neutracid is a body acid neutraliser and alkali replacer for horses.
Sodium Citrate has a neutralising effect on lactic acid, which accumulates in the bloodstream and muscle tissues.

Neutracid nautralises acids and supplements alkalis in horses´ bodies. Accumulation of lactic acid in blood and muscles can lead to muscle stiffening,
spasm and damage of muscle fibers.
This accumulation causes muscles to be unable to perform their normal function of contraction and relaxation during physical activity.

Instructions for use

Horses in training: 90ml per day in the evening feed.

After competition: Give an extra 30ml in the evening feed.

NEUTRACID should be fed in conjunction with an electrolyte, such as Electrolyte Gold. Do not exceed the recommended feeding instructions without consulting your Nutritionist or Veterinarian. Horses should always have access to fresh drinking water.

Composition: Sodium citrate, Citric acid, glucose, vitamin B1, Sorbitol, sodium.


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