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Tendilax Antiphlogistine 2 kg

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White clay warm poultice for horse limbs.

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Audevard Tendilax Antiphlogistic

Tendilax is a warm poultice containing kaolin, a very fine white clay. It is for external use only, designed to be applied locally to the horse's limbs.


Horses performing at high levels may be prone to sore muscles and tendons following exercise. Applying specific treatments can help to reduce this soreness.

Non-doping formula.

Instructions for use

Heat the paste in the microwave or a water bath, then mix the paste carefully and test the temperature. Apply generously to affected areas. Cover with paper or plastic wrap and hold in place with a cohesive bandage. Apply twice per day for 3 to 8 days. Store the pot under 25°C.

Kaolinite 55%, eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus - HE) 0.02%, mineral clay.

Veterinary advice

Non-doping formula.

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