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Myobuilder 1600 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Gamma oryzanol for muscle building

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SYNOVIUM® MYOBUILDER is an advanced muscle supplement for the athlete in the build-up phase of training. None heating and competition safe. Myobuilder is developed for the athlete who is in the build-up phase of the training. The combination of natural muscle proteins, L Carnitine and Gamma Oryzanol makes faster muscle building possible. Good muscle mass helps prevent injuries and ensures better performance. The muscular system is extremely important for the proper functioning of the horse. Having a strong muscle mass can prevent injuries by providing support to the skeleton and joints. Gamma Oryzanol is a natural product that helps increase muscle mass and contributes to proper muscle strength. This nutritional supplement for horses is a unique and natural formulation of various food additives. It contains the following added ingredients. This product is scientifically based and is available from the equine doctor.

Instructions for use

Horse: add 50 grams to the feed daily
Pony: add 25 grams to the feed daily
Not suitable for foals.
For optimum results, a course of 2 months is recommended. 
The horse has to be in training.
Or as prescribed by your vet.
One scoop contains 50 grams.

Soya Beans Extruded, Dicalcium Phosphate, Calcium 
Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxy Methylbutyrate (3000mg/40g), 
Gamma Oryzanol (1,625mg/40g), Psyllium Husk.

L-carnitine 2500mg / 40g
Vitamin E 12.5mg / 40g


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