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MSM Optimal-C 1500 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Support of the muscle metabolism and recovery of tendon and ligament lesions.
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MSM-Optimal-C supports faster recovery of muscle- and tendon tissue for horses after training.

Methylsulfonylmethane 320000mg/kg
Vit C 100000 mg/kg

Route of administration and dosage
Horse: add 30 g to the feed daily.
Pony: add 15 g to the feed daily.
Not suitable for foals.

Instructions for use

SYNOVIUM MSM OPTIMAL-C Usage Horse: add 1 scoop of 30 g to the daily feed ratio (Scoop contains 30 g) Small horse / pony: add 15 g to the daily feed
SYNOVIUM MSM OPTIMAL-C MSM OPTIMAL-C is a uniquely developed natural blend of different feedadditives, containing the following active ingredients for optimal performance. This product is based on widely spread scientific research and is supported by many equine veterinarians. Scientific research shows that MSM could exert some protective effect on oxidative and inflammatory exercise- induced injury and this effect was potentiated by Vit C. (Acta Vet Scand. 2008 Nov, 7, Maranon et al) Description MSM is a natural product used as a food additive for humans and animals. MSM contains a high level of biologic available sulphur. A horse will use MSM for the synthesis amino acids and proteins. MSM can be added to the daily feed and aims to help in an optimal muscle metabolism and keeping sound of tendons and ligaments (and it’s attachment to bone). The vitamin C potentiates the MSM, is a strong antioxidant and stimulates the immune. Indication Helps in the support of the muscle metabolism and recovery of tendon and ligament lesions. Counter indications MSM OPTIMAL-C has no counter indications. Precautions Keep out of the reach of children. Storage Store at room temperature < 25°C Storage Store at room temperature < 25°C
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