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Linseed Oil 1000 ml

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Supplementary animal feed

Linseed oil
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Synovium Linseed Oil is derived from the first pressing of the linseed. It aids in improving digestion and contributes to the optimal functioning of the stomach and intestines. It aids in good metabolism. Synovium Linseed Oil helps on the moulting of the coat and enhances the coat’s sheen. Synovium Linseed Oil is a quality supplement without protein and without carbohydrates.


The recommended daily dose is 30 to 60 ml a day. It should be mixed with the daily feed ration.

Instructions for use

Synovium Lijnzaadolie TOEDIENINGSWIJZE EN DOSERING 30 - 60 ml per dag BEWARING Bewaren op kamertemperatuur < 25°C, droog en buiten direct zonlicht

Linseed oil
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