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Hippochol 1000 ml

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Supplementary animal feed

Methionine, choline and sorbitol for oral use
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Each liter of Hippochol contains: Sorbitol 528 mg, Choline 150 mg and Methionine 10 mg.


Hippochol is indicated for the support of the certain liver functions, associated with clinical sign as icterus (yellow mucosae), cirrhosis and intoxications.


The recommended daily dose is 100 ml. This should be repeated for 10 consecutive days. Synoviums Hippochol is not suitable for foals.

Instructions for use

Synovium Hippochol Toedieningswijze en dosering Afhankelijk van de conditie van het paard: Dagelijks 30 ml tot 3 x 30 ml over het voer voor een paard van 600 kg.
Each liter contains: Sorbitol 528 mg, Choline 150 mg and Methionine 10 mg
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