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Catheter I.V. Terumo Surflo 16G x 2

I4 11651
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16G catheter for I.V. infusion.
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The Surflo I.V. Catheters are made out of special medical grade EFTE (straight) and FEP (straight,winged,winged & injection port).

The carefully selected materials of the Terumo EFTE/FEP I.V. Catheters are designed to ensure a stable form (lower risk of split tips and peel back) during punctures under difficult conditions.

The Terumo needle point design in combination with well tapered and siliconised catheters are designed to increase user comfort and patient wellbeing as much as possible.
An ultra-sharp double-bevel introducer needle plus a medical grade lubricant allow for easier penetration and smoother travel through tissue. Additionally the Surflo catheters are opaque and kink resistant further improving the patient comfort and safety. Preview chamber in clear sure-grip hub gives immediate indication of proper placement. 

Flexible thinwall catheter with large inner diameter assures good blood flow. 

All this plus safe, easy-to-handle, tamper-evident packaging make SURFLO® I.V. Catheters a great clinical choice. 

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