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Suprasorb P PU-schuimverb. nk 10 x10 cm 10 pcs. nt zelfkl

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Suprasorb PU foam dressing

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Suprasorb P + PHMB Antimicrobial foam dressing

Suprasorb P + PHMB with perforated wound contact layer impresses with its reliable absorption of exudate. The PHMB incorporated in the foam is effective both in the dressing and in the wound. This is why Suprasorb P + PHMB is classified as a Class III medical device.

The material is soft and conformable. The special surface structure of the Suprasorb P + PHMB wound contact layer is gentle on easily injured surfaces like healing wounds. The semipermeable PU carrier layer maintains a moist wound healing environment. Impermeable to bacteria and water.

Suprasorb P + PHMB is suitable for use under compression bandages.

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