Beta E-Plus 30 x 28,4 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Contains vitamin E, selenium, glycine and betaine, which, as components of an anti-oxidizing system, are essential for horses undergoing intense athletic and muscular work
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Each pouch (28,4g) contains: Vitamin E/RRR alpha tocopheryl acetate 3,000 I.U., Betaine hydrochloride 1.42 g, Sodium selenite (E8) 426 mcg, Glycine 1.42g.


Beta E-Plus is a supplement intended for athletic horses, containing Vitamin E, selenium, glycine and betaine. These are components of an anti-oxidizing system which is essential for horses undergoing intense athletic and muscular work.


Feed 1 pouch (28.4g) mixed in the daily grain ration.

Instructions for use

Use and dosages:
·          Adult Horses: one pouch daily mixed in with feed ration.
·          Race preparation: one pouch daily during the 6 days prior to race and 3 days thereafter.
Package: box of 30 single-dose pouches .
Sold over the counter and not subject to veterinary medical prescription.
Not positive in antidoping tests.

Composition by kg. of product:

Vitamin E 105,630 i.u. Betaine hcl 50 g
Selenium 15 mg Glycine 50 g

Inert ingredients of vegetable and/or mineral origin, to make up 1.000 gr.

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