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Gelatinaat 500 g Hond

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Supplementary animal feed

Supplement for the muskuloskeletal system.

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Gelatinaat 500 g Dog

PrimeVal Gelatinaat is a food supplement to support the musculoskeletal system of the dog. It ensures healthy bones, joints and tendons, and it also promotes the production of cartilage. PrimeVal Gelatinate consists of essential nutrients, such as collagen and minerals, and can be used in both healthy dogs and dogs with joint problems. Thanks to the essential building materials in PrimeVal Gelatinate, it makes a positive contribution to the building of tissues, such as bones, tendons and cartilage.

PrimeVal Gelatinaat, for example, has a positive effect on dogs with osteoarthritis. By giving PrimeVal Gelatinaat to dogs with osteoarthritis, the complaints can be reduced. It can also reduce the risk of osteoarthritis in healthy dogs by administering it daily over food. PrimeVal Gelatinaat can also offer a solution to very active dogs, which practice agility, for example, because of the flexibility of the joints.

Instructions for use


The recommended dose depends on the body weight of your puppy:
- Small puppies (5-15 kg): 1/2 scoop
- Medium puppies (15-30 kg): 1 scoop
- Large puppies (30-40 kg): 2 scoops
- Very large puppies (40 Kg +): 3 scoops
1 Scoop is 7.5 g Puppy Gelatinaat can easily be added to your dog's daily food. Puppy Gelatinaat is suitable for puppies of 8 weeks old until they reach the age of 1 year. Thereafter, Primeval Gelatinaat for dogs is recommended.

Collagen Hydrolysate, Magnesium (citrate), collagen (type II), Calcium (as citrate), and Vanillin.

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