Phenylbutariem 250 ml

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Oral treatment of (imflammatory) disorders
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Phenylbutariem 250 ml 100mg/ml

For the treatment of (inflammatory) disorders, for example, to the musculoskeletal system in horses, ponies and dogs.  

Active ingredient
Phenylbutazone 100 mg/ml
Sodium benzoate 2.0 mg/ml

Horse, pony, dogs

Route of administration and dosage
Apply directly into the horses' mouth. Do not mix with the daily food! 

Horse: 2x 4,5mg/kg bodyweight, initial dosage
(equal to 2x 22,5 ml suspension at 500kg bodyweight)
2x 2,5mg/kg bodyweight, maintenance dosage
(equal to 2x 12,5 ml suspension at 500kg bodyweight)

Pony: 2x 4,5mg/kg bodyweight, initial dosage
(equal to 2x 9 ml suspension at 200kg bodyweight)
3,5 mg/kg bodyweight once a dayfor up to 8 days
(equal to 7ml suspension at 200kg bodyweight)

Dog: 20-60ml/kg bodyweight, once a day
(equal to 2-6ml suspension atj 10kg bodyweight)
Prolonged treatment: 24mg/kg bodyweight, once a day
(Equal to 0,2-1,8 ml suspension at 10kg bodyweight)

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