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Supplementary animal feed

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Survival kit for the birth of a foal
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This survival kit is easy to prepare and of vital importance for orphan foals and foals receivinglittle or no colostrum from the mare.

Important characteristics

Colostrum (2 sachets of 150 g) provides the newborn foal with protective antibodies against infection essential for resistance in the first 48 hours reduces the risk of diarrhoea
Foal milk (1 sachet of 1500 g) geared to the specific composition of mare’s milkfeeding bottle with teat (1x)

Directions for use

Step 1: preparing 1 litre of foal milk1. Take a pan with a capacity of at least 1 litre.2. Put 300 ml of cold water in the pan.3. Top this up with 400 ml of boiling water. This gives you 700 ml of water with a  temperature of around 60°C.4. Add 1 scoop (= 100 grams) of Pavo Foal Milk powder and stir until completely  dissolved.5. Add 300 ml of cold water, stirring constantly. This gives you 1 litre of lukewarm  foal milk (temperature around 40°C). 

Step 2: preparing colostrum• Stirring constantly, add the entire contents of one Pavo Colostrum sachet (= 150  grams) to 1 litre of lukewarm foal milk. Stir until completely dissolved. 

Step 3: administering colostrum• Cut off the tip of the teat with a pair of scissors. This creates a small opening through which the foal can suck the milk.• Administer around 250 ml of lukewarm colostrum (around 40°C every hour using the enclosed bottle and teat. 9 Repeat steps 1 through 3 to prepare the second sachet of Pavo Colostrum. After administering the second sachet of colostrum, the foal can be fed with foal milk  only, following the enclosed feeding schedule.

Instructions for use

Pavo SOS-Kit Instructions for the Pavo S.O.S-kit Step 1: preparation of 1 liter of foal milk (1 liter = 1000 ml) Take a pan with a content of at least 1 liter Put 300 ml cold water in the pan Add 400 ml boiling water, wich will give you 700 ml water with a temperature of about 60 °C. Add 1 scoop (=100 grams) of Pavo Foal Milk Powder and stir until completely dissolved Add 300 ml cold water while stirring. This results is 1 liter of hand-warm foal milk (temperature about 40 °C) Step 2: preparation of colostrum Add a full sachet of Pavo Colostrum (= 150 grams) to 1 liter of hand-warm foal milk and stir until all the colostrum powder has dissolved. Step 3: administering the Colostrum milk Cut the tip from the nipple with a scissor. This will make a small opening for the foal to sip the milk. Administer about 250 ml hand warm colostrum milk (about 40 °C) every hour, with the help of the enclosed bottle with nipple. Repeat step 1 through 3 for the preparation of the 2nd sachet with Pavo Colostrum. After the entire 2nd sachet has been administered, the foal can be nourished with foal milk only, following the enclosed feeding schedule. Try giving the foal small amounts of milk very often (horses: 18 times 400 ml at a time, ponies 18 times 240 ml at a time) Preparing tips Use the Pavo S.O.S. kit immediately after the birth of the foal if there are some problems with the milk supply of the mare (preferably within the first 3 hours, no later than 12 hours after birth) To be absolutely safe, request a complete health check of your foal by your vet within 24 hours after parturition. We recommend heating the milk or keeping the milk warm au bain marie'. The 'au bain marie' method is heating something in or above warm water. Take a large pan or bowl with a minimum content of 1liter and put this in or above a larger pan with hot water. The 'au bain marie' method prevents curdling or scorching. Never use the microwave to warm the colostrum milk. The anti-bodies in the colostrums milk could loose their protecting qualities because of the high temperature. It is okay warming the foal milk in a microwave. '
Pavo Colostrum for foals (contents 150 g per sachet), Pavo Foal Milk (contents 1500 g per sachet)
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