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Ostenil Tendon 2 ml

TRB Chemedica
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Hyaluronic acid 2 % to treat pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders
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Sodium hyaluronate from fermentation 2.0 %. Viscoelastic solution for peritendinous or intrasheath injection. Sterile by moist heat.


1 ml isotonic solution contains 20.0 mg sodium hyaluronate and sodium chloride, disodium phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, mannitol and water for injections.


For the treatment of pain and restricted mobility in tendon disorders.

Dosage and administration

Inject OSTENIL® TENDON around the affected tendon or minto the affected tendon sheath once a week for a total of 2 injections. Several tendons may be treated at the same time. Repeat treatments may be administered as required. The content and outer surface of the OSTENIL® TENDON pre-filled syringe are sterile as long as the sterile pack remains unbroken. Take the pre-filled syringe out of the sterile pack, unscrew the Luer-Lok™ cap, attach a suitable needle (for example 25 to 27 G) and secure by turning slightly. Remove any air bubble, if present, before injection.

Sodium hyaluronate 20.0 mg/ml
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