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Nux-vomica Homaccord 50 x 5 ml

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Homeophatic product for the stomach and intestine
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1 ampoule of 5 ml (= 5 g) contains: Active ingredients: Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D4 10 mg, Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D10 10 mg, Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D15 10 mg, Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D30 10 mg, Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D200 10 mg, Strychnos nux vomica Dil. D1000 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D4 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D6 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D10 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D15 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D30 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D200 10 mg, Bryonia Dil. D1000 10 mg, Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D5 15 mg, Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D10 15 mg Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D30 15 mg, Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D200 15 mg, Lycopodium clavatum Dil. D1000 15 mg, Citrullus colocynthis Dil. D5 15 mg, Citrullus colocynthis Dil. D10 15 mg, Citrullus colocynthis Dil. D30 15 mg, Citrullus colocynthis Dil. D200 15 mg. The ingredients 1 to 22 are potentiated together over the last 2 steps. Other ingredients: sodium chloride, water for injections.


Dysfunctions in the gastrointestinal and liver system, spastic processes of the alimentary tract with restlessness, colic, acute and chronic gastroenteritis, obstipation with spasms, slipped discs, meteorism.

Dosage and administration

s.c. injection. According to species, the daily single dosage is as follows:

- Horse, cattle, swine: 5 ml
- Piglet: 2–3 ml
- Sheep, goat: 2 ml
- Large dog: 3–4 ml
- Medium dog: 2 ml
- Small dog, cat: 1–2 ml
- Puppy: 0.5–1 ml
- Small pets: 0.5 ml

In cases with acute symptoms, the indicated dosage can be repeated after a period of 24 hours.For treatment of disorders with tendencies to recur, chronic affections or long-term treatment, the indicated single dosage can be administered at 4-day intervals.

Package sizes

Nux vomica-Homaccord ad us. vet. injection solution: Packs containing 5 or 50 ampoules of 5.0 ml each

Instructions for use

DoseHorse, cattle:2-3 ampoules / day Foals, pig:1-2 ampoules / daySheep, goat:1-2 ampoules / day Dogs, cats:1 ampoule / day
Nux vomica, Bryonia cretica, Lycopodium clavatum, Colocynthis
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