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Neutradex 5L EU

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Neutradex is muscle and urinary buffer designed for horses and dogs.
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Neutradex is formulated to combat the effects of acidosis and dehydration, particularly after fast work. Neutradex® also encourages horses to drink, increasing the action of the kidneys in clearing toxic waste produced by hard exercise.


• Horses in hard training.
• Horses with a history of ‘tying-up’.
• Preventing muscle soreness after fast work.
• Preventing dehydration.


• Active ingredient citrate buffers acid build-up.
• Encourages horses to drink.
• Palatable caramel flavour.
• Has a gentle diuretic effect which encourages the kidneys to flush toxins from the body.


Add 28mL to the feed daily. Give 50mL by syringe over the back of the tongue following hard or fast work, or racing. See pack for directions for use.


Each 28mL dose contains: Sodium acid citrate 7.93g

Note: Ensure clean, fresh water is made available after dosing.

Note: The active constituents in Neutradex® are not, to our best knowledge, prohibited substances in any racing or competition jurisdictions. However users are encouraged to check with their respective authority prior to the use of any supplement or medication.

Instructions for use

Routine Use Neutradex is recommended as a routine kidney tonic' after hard racing. It is not recommended for every day use because of its potential to increase the excretion of potassium by alkalinising the urine. Dose: The standard dose rate is 6mL mixed into the morning milk (or given by syringe over the tongue) for at least the first morning after a race or trial and preferably the two mornings following a hard race. Note: Do not give Neutradex within 24-36 hours prior to racing. Alkalinisation of the urine may increase the excretion of potassium and the flushing effect may wash-out other pre-race supplements such as B-Complex vitamins, reducing their retention time and benefit. Neutradex is a caramel-flavoured syrup '
NEUTRADEX Neutradex contains sodium acid citrate in a thick sugar syrup base. The acid-citrate salt is a buffering agent. It provides mild neutralising power against alkaline salts, but strong neutralising activity against acid salts that build up in the blood or urine following racing, trialling and handslipping. * Neutradex is most beneficial when used after a galloping to quickly neutralise lactic acid build-up in the muscles and blood to prevent soreness and discomfort. * The sodium in Neutradex stimulates the horse to drink which assists after race recovery. * Neutradex helps avoid dehydration after racing and flushes acid and metabolic wastes from the kidneys.
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