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Myconal 100 ml

AVS Equine
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Treatment of respiratory diseases

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Equine general health is exposed to dust, allergens and air pollutants that cause bacteria to settle in the mucous membranes. By misting Myconal you combat these respiratory disorders. As a result, horses with bronchitis, virus or colds return to their regular training more quickly. Horses with a bacteria-free trachea can perform better. Myconal is an aid for the control of respiratory diseases due to fungi and spores (Aspergillus, Candida, Geotrichum…), which must be nebulized.


Instructions for use

Only to be used with nebulizer

  • Initial treatment: 2.5 ml, 2 times a day, for 20 days
  • Maintenance treatment: 3 ml, once a day

    Shake well before use

Mix Myconal with saline solution for ease of use of the nebulizer (advice is at least 1:1 dilution, this means the same amount of Myconal as the amount of the saline solution). Bottle of 100 ml, for 20 treatments.

Essential oils including Tea Tree and Thyme

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