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Mineron 2,7 kg

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Complete mineral supplement

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A good supply of vitamins and minerals is of crucial importance for the overall health of your horse. Certain vitamins, minerals and trace elements can only be absorbed with the feed. They are an important part of the health of the bones and teeth, regulate enzyme systems and contribute to the normal function of the nervous system and the muscles.

Mineron can also be used in adult horses in periods of stress, high activity, pregnancy or when recovering after an illness or operation.
In young horses it provides support in the development of the bone structure. With Mineron, horses that are only fed with hay are given all the trace elements needed to stay in top condition.

Mineron is a balanced vitamin and mineral supplement and contains among other things magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, calcium, vitamins D3 and K2. The presence of collagen, chondroitin and glucosamine support joint function and the health of the cartilage.

When to use mineron?

  • In horses that are only given hay
  • To support growing foals
  • In pregnant mares
  • In periods of stress or heavy exertion
  • Recovery after an injury or surgery


No doping substances

Instructions for use

For horses: 1 scoop (50 grams) per horse per day mixed in with the feed
For foals: 1 scoop (25 grams) per horse per day mixed in with the feed


Glucosamine sulfate.2KCl from animal tissue (shellfish), Calcium citrate, Hydrolized collagen, Dicalciumfosfate, Chondroitin sulfate, Magnesium citrate, Magnesium oxide

Vitamins and provitamins:
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, 3a671) 175.000 IU/kg, Vitamin K3 (3a710) 0,3 mg/kg

Trace elements:
Zinc chelate of amino acids (3b606) 6.000 mg/kg, Manganese chelate of amino acids (3b504) 3.000 mg/kg, Copper(II) chelate of amino acids (3b406) 1.500 mg

Technological supplements:
Bentonite (1m558i) 150.000 mg/kg

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