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Milteforan 20 mg/ml 30 ml

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IT: AIC: 103884019

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Miltefosine for the treatment of Leishmaniosis in dogs
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Miltefosine 20 mg/ml


Control of canine leishmaniasis. The clinical signs of the disease markedly decrease immediately after the beginning of the treatment and are significantly reduced after 2 weeks. These signs continue to improve for at least 4 weeks after completion of the treatment.

Dosage and route of administration

Oral use.
The product should be administered at 2 mg/kg bodyweight, poured onto the food, the full meal or one part of the meal, once a day for 28 days by oral route (corresponding to 1 ml of the oral solution per 10 kg b.w.).

The parasite being also localised within deep tissues (bone marrow, lymphatic nodes, spleen, liver), it is crucial to comply with the treatment duration (28 days) to ensure the efficacy of the product. The weight of the dog should be accurately estimated prior to and during the treatment course. It is recommended to pour the product onto the animal’s feed to reduce digestive side effects.

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