Metabolase injectable solution 500 ml

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Injectable hepatoprotective with amino acids
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Per L: L-Carnitine hydrochloride 613,30 mg, Thiotic acid 20.00 mg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride 15.00 mg, Cyanocobalamin 3.00 mg, D-L acetyl methionine 2.000.00 mg, L-Arginine 240.00 mg, L-Citruline 120.00 mg, L-Ornithine hydrochloride 153,20 mg, L-Lysine hydrochloride 62,50 mg, Glycine 150.00 mg, Taurine 150.00 mg, Aspartic acid 150.00 mg, Glutamic acid 150.00 mg, Fructose 5.000.00 mg, Sorbitol 8.000.00 mg, Excipients c.s.p. 100.00 mL


As a detoxifying agent and a means of countering fatigue (due to over-production, work, sports, convalescence, etc)

Dosage and administration

- Cattle, large ruminants, horses, swine: 250 - 500 mL twice daily, intravenous injection, subcutaneous injection, or intraperitoneal. 
- Calves, buffaloes, foals, sheep, goats: 250 mL twice daily. IV, SC, or IP. 
- Piglets, fattening pigs, lambs, goat kids: 20 - 40 mL/10 kg body weight twice daily. IV, SC, or IP. 
- Rabbits, cats and dogs: 2 -4 ml/kg, twice daily. IV, SC, or IP.

Amino-acids and vitamins
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