Lipotalon amp. 10 x 1 ml

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Dexamethasone injectable
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Dexamethasone palmitate 4 mg/ml


Rheumatic disorders 

Dosage and administration

- Intra-articular injection (into the joint cavity): The amount needed depends on the severity of the symptoms and on the size of the treated joint: ▸ large joints (such as knee joint) 3 ampoules Lipotalon ® (up to 7.5 mg dexamethasone) ▸ middle joints (such as elbow joint) 1-2 ampoules Lipotalon ® (2,5 - 5 mg   dexamethasone) ▸ small joints (such as finger joint) ½ ampoule Lipotalon ®  (up to 1.25 mg dexamethasone)

- Peri-articular injection and infiltration for humeral epicondylitis ("tennis elbow"): The total dose depends on the number, extent and location of the injection sites as well as on the severity of the disease. In general, 1-2 ampoules Lipotalon ® (2.5 to 5 mg of dexamethasone) 

Dexamethasone palmitate 4 mg/ml
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