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Lidor 20mg/ml 50 ml

Expiry date:
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NL: REG NL 120733

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Local anesthesia

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Fendigo - Lidocaine 20mg / ml injectable

Horses: Ophthalmic contact anesthesia, anesthesia by infiltration, intra-articular anesthesia,
perineural anesthesia and epidural anesthesia

Dogs, cats: Anesthesia in ophthalmology and dentistry, anesthesia by infiltration and
epidural anesthesia

Instructions for use

Dosage and route of administration: For subcutaneous, intra-arcular, (intra-) ocular, perineural and epidural use.
The total dose administered (including cases of multiple application sites or repeated dosing) should be 10mg lidocaine per kg body weight (0.5ml / kg) in dogs, 6mg lidocaine per kg body weight (0.3ml / kg) in cats and 4mg lidocaine per kg body weight. (0.2ml / kg) in horses.


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