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Lactanase Pro paste 50 g

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Supplementary animal feed

Syringe with fundamental substances to decrease the acculmulation of hematic and muscular lactate.
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Lactanase is a product which can provide horses with the fundamental substances to favour a series of metabolic processes that are useful to decrease the accumulation of hematic and muscular lactate, thus delaying the fatigue processes and increasing the resistance in horses that have to undergo great stress during the race and during training.

Sucrose, dextrose, fructose, lipoic acid melon juice concentrate (Extramel)

Preservatives: E200 sorbic acid 5000mg

Use and dose
To be mixed with feed
Horse (500kg)
Before the race: 1 syringe 24 hours before and 1 syringe 3 hours before the performance
Maintenance: 1 syringe a week


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