Homatrocil 5ml bottle with dropper 1mg/ml

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Homatrocil 5ml bottle with dropper 1mg/ml

Homatrocil 1 mg/ml eye drops, solution for dogs, cats and horses.

The veterinary medicinal product is indicated in the treatment of inflammatory conditions of the eyeball and
in particular in situations of conjunctivitis, blepharoconjunctivitis, anterior uveitis (in the absence of
absence of corneal ulcers) and in reducing inflammation after eye surgery. The medicine
is also indicated in the treatment of immune-mediated pathologies of the eyeball and
eosinophilic keratitis, chronic superficial keratitis, recurrent equine uveitis.
equine recurrent uveitis. It is intended primarily for inflammatory situations and should not be used
alone in acute infectious pathology of the eye.
Close veterinary medical supervision should be carried out when administering this
veterinary medicinal product.


Dexamethasone phosphate at 1 mg/ml (equivalent to 1.093 mg/ml dexamethasone sodium phosphate).

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