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Hemo-15 100 ml

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An injectable iron, amino acid and B vitamin injection.

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An injectable iron, amino acid and B vitamin injection.

Recommended for use in:
- Managing iron deficiencies in performance horses
- Treating nutritional and sports related anaemia
- As an additive for intravenous fluids such as amino acid and vitamin mixtures, electrolytes and dextrose
- Following competition to replace essential substances lost through the stresses of competing
- As a pre-activity injection with an energy producing potential
- After surgery, sickness or injury

Directions for use
- One ml per 50kg of bodyweight (10ml for 500kg horse)
- Can be administered intramuscular of intravenously, under veterinary supervision. Intravenous injection is recommended.

Instructions for use

Dosages and method of administration of Hemo-15: 1 ml for every 45 kg. of body weight on alternating days for 4 - 5 days orally. In preparing for competitions, administration 24 hours prior to race is recommended. Package: 100-ml bottle. Sale is not subject to any obligation for veterinary-medical prescription. Not positive in antidoping tests.
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