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GastroGard 37% oral paste 14 syr.

Boehringer Ingelheim
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Oral paste containing omeprazole for the treatment of gastric ulcers in horses.
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Boehringer Ingelheim - GastroGard, 14 x 10 ml

Gastric ulcers are the result of naturally occurring acids damaging the lining of the stomach – and are typically a by-product of stress. They are a common condition that affects all types of horses at any age and the incidence of gastric ulcer is higher than most think. Up to 100%of race horses and 11 to 37% of pleasure riding horses can be affected.
Veterinarians have long been aware of the high prevalence of gastric ulcers in racehorses and other types of performance horses. However, recent studies are revealing that gastric ulcers can be triggered by the activities of horses used for leisure, including trailering and light work.

The consequences of ulcers
While gastric ulcers tend to be under-diagnosed, the pain and impact they cause can be significant and include: 

  • Impeded growth of foals – and, in some instances can be fatal
  • Colic in foals and occasionally in adults
  • Temperament can be adversely affected making training and handling more difficult
  • Hard to maintain adequate food intake
  • Loading for transportation and behavior in the trailer can become challenging
  • Optimal health, fitness and performance cannot be reached
  • Emergence of stable vices, including stall walking, cribbing or weaving

To aid in improving, healing and preventing the occurrence and recurrence of gastric ulcers, in horses and foals nine weeks of age and older.  


  • Treatment of gastric ulcers: one administration per day during 28 consecutive days at the dose rate of 4 mg omeprazole per kg body weigth followed immediately by a dosage regimen of one administration per day during 28 days consecutive days at the dose rate of 1 mg omeprazole per kg body weight
  • Prevention of gastric ulcers: one administration per day at the dose rate of 1 mg omeprazole per kg body weight

Elke gram GASTROGARD bevat: 370 mg omeprazol, hulpstoffen o.a. 2 mg geel ijzeroxide (E172).

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