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Gamgee 45 cm 8710 Gauze 500g roll

Robinson Healthcare
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Highly absorbent, hospital quality cotton wool enclosed in a gauze cover.
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Gamgee 45 cm 8710 Gauze 500g roll

Veterinary Gamgee is the veterinary version of the well established and widely used Gamgee rolls used by professionals. It consists of a thick layer of superior quality, absorbent cotton enclosed in a traditional cotton gauze cover. Veterinary Gamgee insulates and cushions the wound, protecting it from external trauma.
Supplied as 500g rolls and available in 30cm and 45cm widths, Veterinary Gamgee is ideal as a highly absorbent secondary wound dressing, provides warmth and padded protection to the wound site and can be used for general swabbing. Veterinary Gamgee can also be autoclave sterilised.

  •     Soft cotton wool layer and traditional cotton gauze cover
  •     Highly absorbent secondary wound dressing
  •     Provides padding and protection to minimise wound trauma
  •     Ideal for general swabbing

Length: +/- 220cm
Easy to use gamgee bandage for all sorts of purposes. To be used in combination with leopard bandages or powerflex.

Code: 8710

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