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Flymax Nano Extract 500 ml

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Scent protection

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Flymax Nano Extract 500ml

During the summer period, you may experience factors that hinder your consultations or during horse-riding.
Flymax Nano Extract has been specifi cally formulated to offer a refreshing fragrant protection around your horse.

The innovative formule blends extracts from plants witgin a composition developed in orderd to optimise adherence.

Daily allowance:
Liquid, ready to use. Store at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight. Shake well before use.
Use 30-40 sprays per application to thoroughly wet all surfaces.
Repeat every 2 days and after washing the horse. Reduce frequency to best suit your needs. One container holds approximately 13 applications. Adjust the size of the spray by turning the nozzle. Flymax Nano Extract does not stick or stain.


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