Fluimucil inhal. vloeis. 4ml amp. 20 st. 100mg/ml

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Fluimucil solution for inhalation contains N-acetylcysteine for the dissolution of mucus in the respiratory tract.
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Zambon - Fluimucil 100 mg/ml, 20 x 4 ml

N-acetylcysteine is a mucolytic that dissolves mucus and helps clear the respiratory tract. It exerts an intense mucolytic and condenser action on mucus, de-polimerizing the protein complexes and nucleic acids that make it sticky; it has also an antioxidant action that inhibits oxidizing radicals and increases the defence mechanisms of respiratory membranes.

The active ingredient is a precursor to the antioxidant glutathione. Glutathione neutralizes free radicals, which can cause tissue damage. By administering N-acetylcysteine, glutathione stores are replenished.

Acetylcysterne 400 mg/4ml
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