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Kerabol 1000 ml

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Supplementary animal feed

A liquid complex containing key elements for a healthy and resistant hoof structure.
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KERABOL is rich in high biological value methionine, zinc (IPALIGO®) and D-biotin as well as antioxidant and enzyme precursors such as ß-carotene, selenium and manganese (IPALIGO®).Used daily, KERABOL helps stimulate hoof and hair metabolism thus favouring a shiny coat and a healthy hoof that is supple and not brittle. IPALIGO® is the organic complex form unique to Vétoquinol that ensures excellent bioavailability and retention as demonstrated in the horse for IPALIGO® zinc.


A complementary feedingstuff for horses :Daily use, KERABOL favours a healthy hoof growth, a shiny coat, and a good horn quality and conformation that is elastic and not brittle.


Sodium chloride, magnesium chloride

Additives/kg : Composed of trace elements: zinc as chloride (E6) 9 400 mg, manganese as chloride(E5) 2 970 mg, selenium as selenite (E8) 25 mg. Amino acids and salts: DL-methionine (3c301) 9 900 mgVitamins and pro-vitamins: D-(+)-biotin 1 485 mg, Beta-carotene (E 160 a) 1.39 mgAromatic substances: Glycine 30 300 mg.


The recommended daily dose is 10 ml for horses (500 kg) and 5 ml for ponies. Equistro Kerabol should be mixed with feed or drinking water.

Zinc, Methionine, Biotin, Sulphur, Sodium, Calcium
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