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Chorulon 5 x 1500 I.U. + solvens

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NL: REG NL 1249

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5 ml vials containing 1500 IU human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG)
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1.500 I.U. Chorionic Gonadotrophin PhEur together with a vial containing 5 ml solvent for reconstitution. 


In the following fertility problems in domestic animals:

- cases of repeated failure of conception in cows and heifers
- induction of ovulation in mares and bitches
- cases of cystic ovaries in cows and heifers
- anoestrus in mares and bitches
- delayed ovulation, prolonged pro-oestrus in bitches
- deficiency in libido in male dogs

Dosage and administration:

Reconstitute with the solvent provided, ensuring the freeze dried plug is fully dissolved. Administer by intramuscular or intravenous injection.



Dosage and administration

Cow, heifer

Repeated failure of conception 

Cystic ovarian disease (anoestrus, prolonged oestrus, nymphomania) 

Enhancement of luteal function

1500 iu- i.m. or i.v. at AI or mating 

3000 iu - i.v. 

1500 iu - i.m. 12 days after insemination or mating


Suboestrus (follicles > 2 cm in diameter) 

Induction of ovulation

1500 - 3000 iu - i.m. or i.v., repeat after 2 days if necessary 

1500-3000 iu - i.m. or i.v. 24 hours before AI or mating



Delayed ovulation, prolonged pro-oestrus

500 iu - i.m. or i.v. at first day of oestrus after pretreatment with PMSG 20 iu/kg s.c. daily for 10 days. 

100-800 iu / day i.m., repeating treatment until vaginal bleeding disappears. Mate on behavioural oestrus

Male dog

Deficiency in libido

100-500 iu - i.m. twice weekly for up to 6 weeks, but if this is not possible then 100-500 iu i.m. 6-12 hours before mating may give a temporary effect


Pharmaceutical precautions: 

Before reconstitution: Do not store above 25°C.
After reconstitution: Protect from light.
Any product not used immediately after reconstitution should be stored refrigerated between + 2°C and + 8°C.
Reconstituted product remaining 24 hours after preparation should be discarded.

Packs containing 5 vials supplied together with vials of solvent (each containing 5ml).
human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG)
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