Betadine Solution 500 ml

Meda Pharma
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NL: RVG 01331

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Helps to treat and prevent fungal and bacterial infections.

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Betadine Solution 500 ml, disinfectant.

Betadine provides thorough disinfection of cutting, shearing and burns. 
Betadine (povidone iodine) is a wide spectrum of disinfectants whose active ingredient is iodine packaged in the carrier molecule povidone (PVP).
By binding iodine to povidone, it becomes water-soluble and therefore easy and pleasant in use (for example, it does not work) while the disinfecting properties of iodine are fully preserved. In addition, it is possible to process povidone iodine in a variety of forms of administration.

Killing only microscopically observable organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses, including COVID-19) activity. 

Instructions for use

For topical administration.
Apply directly as required.

Disodium phosphate (E339), Glycerol (E422), sodium hydroxide (E524), citric acid (E330), lauromacrogols (polyoxyethylene lauryl alcohol ether), potassium iodate, purified water. Iodine is marketed in the carrier molecule povidone (PVP).

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