Bentovet 2000 g

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Bentovet 2000 g

Supplementary mineral feed for horses. Contributes to normal intestinal function in horses and foals, helps thicken stools.
Bentovet is a supplementary mineral feed to support the intestinal function of horses, it consists of 98% bentonite clay minerals, of which 65% is di-tri-octahedral smectite. Di-tri-octahedral smectite is a mineral with a high absorption capacity, which can bind toxins from Clostridium Difficile and Clostridium Perfringens (Weese et al., 2003) and can contribute in the prevention and treatment of colitis and post-operative diarrhea in horses (Hassel et al., 2009).

Bentovet can be used prior to, during or after an attack of thin stools or diarrhea.
Alternative to Bio Sponge


Instructions for use

Recommended dosage: 2 – 3 spoons per day (equals 70 – 100 grams) for an adult horse (500 kg).
Alternative dosages can be decided by the consulting vet.

98% Bentonite clay minerals (composed of: +65% di-tri-octahedral smectite, +30% illite and +5% kaolin)
Additives: 1% sodium chloride, 1% calcium chloride

Pharmaceutical form: granules

The ingredients of this product are not listed on the FEI Clean Sport Prohibited Substance database

Veterinary advice

50 grams of Bentovet per kg of supplementary feed, alternative dosage to be determined by the attending veterinarian.


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