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Anigran 50 g

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Gel used for care of acute or old, non-healing wounds. It hydrates wounds, creates suitable healing conditions and prevents adhesion of the dressing to the wound

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Sodium hyaluronate (stabilized by iodie- based compound)


The properties of the product are based on high content of hyaluronic acid, which is substance naturally occuring in skin tissue, as an essential component of extracellular matrix. Hylauronic acid creates natural moist environment in the wound which is beneficial for better migration of cells. Anigran effectively supports the healing process in wide range of difficult to heal or infected wounds. It is also beneficial in care of wounds before primary delayed suture or secondary suture. Anigran can be used for care of chronic wounds in all animal species. It hydrates wounds, creates suitable healing conditions and prevents adhesion of the dressing to the wound. It is used to cover and hydrate bruised wounds, lacerations, lagre abrasions, bites, chronic non-healing wounds, deep wounds and skin defects. 


Deep wounds, skin defects, pressure sores, burns, post-surgical wounds, difficult-to-heal wounds, large abrasions, bites and infected wounds in all animal species.


Prior to use of anigran, clean the wound, remove impurities and fur ectending into the injury. For SMALL WOUNDS, apply Anigran directly to the wound (preferably using a sterile syringe). For LARGER WOUNDS apply Anigran through a steril gauze. Apply appropiate amount of Anigran gel on the gauze; work Anigran into the gauze with your fingers until it has become fully saturated with the gel. Apply Anigran saturated gauze to the wound. Once the wound has been treated with Anigran, cover it up with a suitable secondary dressing (e.g. sterile gauze), depending on the exudate of the wound.

Redressing frequently: if the wound is infected, dressing must be changed daily. Once the wound inflammation has subsided, redressing may be extended to every two of three days. If the dressing adheres to the wound moisturize the dressing before removal (e.g. with a saline solution of drinking water).


Sodium hyaluronate
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