Acederm Care 150 ml

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NL: REG NL 5121

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Skin spray with allantoin
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Allantoin 14 mg/g


- Promotes wound healing
- Disinfectant action
- Normalizes the formation of granular tissue in wound healing
- Inhibits the inflammation
- Keeps the wound smooth
- Inhibits bacterial growth


Acederm Wound Spray is used to promote wound healing in cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. The spray provides a nice healing of abrasions and superficial wounds and disposal of dead tissue. Wound spray also keeps the wound and promotes smooth formation of new skin tissue. Acederm ensures that the formation of scar tissue is prevented. 

- Injuries
- Post-treatment of surgical wounds
- Nipple infection
- Interdigital space infections
- Cornification

Dosage and administration:

This spray should be applied twice daily, after cleaning the wound surface. The wound may, if desired, be covered with bandages after the wound spray is applied.

Allantoin 14 mg/g
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