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20Fr Endoscopically Placed Kit

MILA international
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20Fr Endoscopically Placed Gastrostomy Kit.

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MILA - 20Fr Endoscopically Placed Gastrostomy Kit

Gastrostomy Kits

  • Radiopaque polyurethane material is non-irritating and stronger than silicone.
  • Collapsible bumper to facilitate insertion and removal. Less traumatic removal than mushroom style.
  • Right angle fixation device that holds tube securely.
  • Locking Y-adapter for feeding, irrigation, decompression and medication without disconnection.
  • In large dogs, suture the disk securely.
  • ENDOSCOPIC PLACEMENT - Endoscopic Kit includes introducer needle, guidewire with loop, 62.5cm (25in) PEG tube with loop, right angle fixation device, silicone fixation bar, Y-adapter, and clamp.
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