Ekyflex Nodolox 1,2 kg

Comfort and mobility
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This box of 1,2 kg is sufficient for up to 40 days' use.
Ekyflex Nodolox is designed to provide nutritional support for sport horses with increased musculoskeletal needs during competitions.

A combination of plant: white willow, boswelia and quercetin, and is rounded off with omega-3.

This supplement does not contain ingredients that could lead to a positive result during anit-doping tests, meaning it can be used with sport horses.

Daily allowance: 1 to 2 measures per day for 30 days. Repeat as required.

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Nr. E036
Brands Audevard
Cooled No
Legal status of supply OTC
Batch number 3125219
Batch expiry date Sep 30, 2021
Units per outer box 6
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