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Better Bones 3,5 kg

Equine America
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Supplementary animal feed

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To support healthy musculo-skeletal development.

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Equine America - Better Bones Pellets, 3.5 kg

The skeleton is the foundation of the body, which provides support, protection for the organs, levers for movement and acts as a mineral store for the body. Bones will naturally adapt to the stress created by work or exercise by becoming denser where loading is greatest. If the correct vitamins and minerals are not available, bones will become weak or brittle, increasing the risk of injury or fracture. In brood mares, if sufficient levels of the bone developing vitamins and minerals are not available, the stores within her own bones will be used to create the skeleton of the foal. If these are not replenished it can cause brittle bones in the mare and lead to growth problems in the foal. Heavy grazing, farming and fertilisation can leave land lacking in these vital elements and providing the correct nutrition for bone strength and development is vital for every horse, especially the brood mare, young stock and competition horse.

Better Bones is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids including Vitamin D, Copper, Zinc and Manganese.

Feed Better Bones in combination with Cortaflex to support joint and bone condition for horses of all ages.

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Registration numberSupplement
BrandEquine America
Chilled itemNo
Target speciesHorse
Expiry dateApr 17, 2021
Units per outer box0

Instructions for use

For a 500kg horse, feed 28g twice daily with the horse's regular feed.

Maximum per day: 56g.

28g measure enclosed

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