Vitamine E Liquid 1L

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Vit. E Liquid – Liquid formula in case of vitamin E deficiency 1L

Vit. E Liquid is the new, liquid variant of the classic Vitamin E in powder form.

To improve the absorption into the blood, a combination of a standardized grape seed extract (Nor Grape) and a synthetic form of vitamin E was chosen.

Nor Grape is the reference in the field of natural antioxidants (vitamin E). It is also registered as a feed additive (2b485) by the EFSA. This means that a great many scientific studies have been submitted to demonstrate its effect. These studies also demonstrated that the combination of both forms of vitamin E have a synergistic effect. Selenium was also added to improve blood absorption.

Due to its liquid composition, Vit. E Liquid is easy to administer and is particularly easy to absorb. This formula with 420.000 mg/kg vitamin E is currently the most powerful composition available on the market.

When is Vit. E Liquid used?

  • For horses with muscle of nerve problems
  • Young horses with weak hindquarters and poor muscularity
  • To support the nervous system and muscles


More Information
Nr. 97035
Registration number Supplement
Brand Global Medics
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Units per outer box 0
Vit. E Liquid
Glycerine Z
Vit E 93%
Nor Grape 80 WS
SelSaf 2200
Xanthan Gum
Pan-Apple Super


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