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Noromectin pasta for horses 700 kg

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Ivermectin paste
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Ivermectin 18.7 g/kg

Noromectin 1.87% Oral Paste for Horses kills the adult and some larval stages of the important internal parasites of horses. Noromectin 1.87% Oral Paste for Horses at the recommended dose rate of 200 ?g ivermectin per kg bodyweight is indicated for the treatment of internal parasites of horses

Dosage and route of administration
Noromectin 1.87% Oral Paste for Horses is administered orally at a single dose rate of 200 ?g/kg of bodyweight. One syringe division of paste should be administered per 100kg bodyweight (based on the recommended dosage of 200 ?g/kg). Each syringe delivers 140mg ivermectin, sufficient to treat 700kg of bodyweight. The tip of the syringe barrel should be inserted at the interdental space (the gap between the front and back teeth). The horse’s head should be raised for a few seconds after dosing.

Do not use the same syringe to treat more than one animal unless horses are running together or in direct contact with each other on the same premises.

More Information
Registration numberREG NL 9986
Chilled itemNo
Active IngredientIvermectin
Target speciesHorse
Legal status of supplyURA
Route of administrationOral
Withdrawal period34 days
Expiry dateOct 31, 2023
Units per outer box10
Ingredients Noromectin Noromectin (ivermectin) paste for horses is provided in a convenient syringe containing 120mg of Ivermectin sufficient to worm a 700Kg horse. The plunger is marked in 100Kg divisions for accurate dosing.

Instructions for use

The plunger is marked in 100Kg divisions for accurate dosing.
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