Sand Clear 4,5 kg

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Supplementary animal feed

Helps to prevent and recover from sand colic in a natural way
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Sand Clear contains: psyllium seed husk, natural and artificial flavors.


Sand Clear 99 contains 99% psyllium seed  husk, a natural soluble fiber that increases feed ration bulk. Includes apple and molasses flavoring horses love. Psyllium contains more soluble fiber than oat bran and wheat bran combined. There is 80% soluble fiber in psyllium, while oat bran contains less than 15% soluble fiber and wheat bran contains 10%.


Adult horse – mix in one or two scoops of Sand Clear with daily grain ration for one full week out of every month. Feed less to ponies, yearlings and foals; more to larger horses and draft breeds.

A 135 gram scoop is enclosed.

More Information
Nr. FAR00.10210
Registration number Supplement
Brand Farnam
Chilled No
Target species Horse
Route of administration Oral
Batch 9P001
Expiry date Apr 30, 2022
Units per outer box 1
Ingredients Psyllium seed husk

Instructions for use

Use one or twice daily and make sure to combine the physilium with omega 3 oil!! Scientific research shows there is an big difference in clearance of sand from the intestine if physilium is used in combination with oil.
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